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SDLC, the orchestD way

orchestD started as an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) to support the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of a major SaaS project spanning numerous microservices through multiple transport layers, databases, deployment features, and more. 

A "true" SDLC process for such a project would span multiple departments and stakeholders, trying to communicate features, requirements, bugs, flows, environments, changes and more.  At orchestD, we won't get the business for you ... and product management would still need to define the requirements, but the entire SDLC flow will have a one source of truth: 


  • Product Management will define business requirements.

  • The Architecture team  will break down business requirements into specs including technology, services, APIs, requests, responses, etc.

  • QA will break down business requirements to multiple test use cases, so developers understand the proper response for each API in each service.  

  • Developers will use specs and tests use case to implement business logic, code, debug, rinse, repeat .... 

  • DevOps will configure environments, connection, initiate CI/CD pipelines and run benchmarks. 

And it will all happen in one coherent environment where each update immediately affects the other departments. 
This manual will walk you through the process of creating a dual microservice application with OrchestD, in no time.


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