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API Design to Code Source


Following is a simple design of the service this tutorial will generate: 2 fully running microservices communicating with each other, reading and writing data from MongoDB. At GopherCon Israel 2023 we did it in 24 minutes.  

Start Project

Following on the Installation process you now have orchestD open in the browser. 
Everything is code ! Development state and project included. So in order to start, provide a branch name so your workflow state can be pushed and checked out again. Name your project and the interface is now ready with a ready made discovery service to help your microservices communicate. 

Start Project with Jira

In case you have Jira connected, have a ticket created and the UI will pull it to view. 
Select the ticket you want to work from and a branch with a matching name will be created. Continue with providing a name for the project, and continue to next step. 

Implement API

Start with naming the first service, this will be the Git repo name. Save, and confirm check out a new branch for the new repo. Continue with creating an endpoint, request parameter and response details. When done hit “save” and “Code It” to generate the code.  

Generated Code and Structure

orchestD generates Clean Architecture style code Domain Driven Design (DDD). It is ready to accept request with the structure provided and reply with an empty response. 


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